Worlds' End Gathering 2019 - Season 2 - Finale

Gather around, gather around!

For it is time to determine once and for all who will be our champion for this season.
Who will follow up Teus12 as the new victor and enter history as the second Hyperstorm champion?!

We expect some serious battles as nothing is certain yet when it comes to the top of our leaderboard.
That means no names are written on our top 3 prizes just yet, those aiming for them will have to step up their game.
Curious for the leaderboard? Check it out here.

If it's too late for you to aim for our prestigious prizes, don't be sad, we also have something for you.
The first 16 players to register will get a free goodiebag!
Don't hesitate to bring some friends over, fun is guaranteed!

We also have another prize, but as for how it can be won, we'll keep that a secret for now.
So you better be there ;-).

As for the gathering itself, we had a lot of fun with the deckbuilding challenge so we're excited to do it again for the season finale.

registration is not required, just come over and have fun!

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