Report: Worlds' End Gathering 2018 Season Finale

Teamfoto WEC seasons finale 2018

It's been a while since the last edition now, but as a good innkeeper would agree we too needed some time to put things in order after our last brawl!
And what a brawl it was!

Besides being the last gathering of our first season, it also brought a spectacular ending to the first year of the Worlds' End Gatherings.
What started as a small group of 5 attendees has grown into a close group of 20 regulars, 20 friends, in only a year!

We simply cannot thank you enough for your continued support, without you none of this would've been possible.
We would also like to express our gratitude to the Worlds' End Comics & Games team for hosting our monthly gatherings, sometimes rather late, and making us feel welcome every single time.




We wanted the last gathering of 2018 to be a blast, and it was!
We finally got to see the highly anticipated and long-awaited clash between PandaSniper, the undefeated defending champion with 3 back to back wins and Sjoesie, known from the Hearthstone Global games Team Belgium.

Eventually the final battle, which deserves to be called nothing less than legendary, broke the 1-1 tie.
Sjoesie lived up to his name with his Homebrewed Howlfiend Warlock after PandaSniper missed a Bomb Toss lethal.

And Sjoesie did not stop there, after a series of phenomenal matches he became the gathering's champion, followed by VanceRentis and Daddy ending up third.

WEC season finale 2018 winners




Aside from being 2018's last, this gathering brought an end to our first leaderboard season which means it was the last gathering to gain points. See the full leaderboard here.

Despite Teus12 having claimed the leading position a while ago with his staggering 87 points, the 2nd and 3rd place were still for the taking.
DKZomb0, VanceRentis and MJTeller with differences of just a few points, were up for a teeth grinding night.

Eventually it was VanceRentis who finished second by coming in second on the gathering and MJTeller and Zomb0 having a bit of an offday.
Look at how close they were:

# Player Score Events attended
1 Teus12 87 7
2 VanceRentis 73 7
3 MJTeller 72 8
4 DKZomb0 70 7


WEG season 2018 winners




Last but not least: we had some nice gadgets sponsored by Blizzard, the perfect occasion to organise a fun raffle among the attendees.
The lucky ones were able to obtain a plushie, shot glasses, fridge magnets, and many more...

Thanks to everyone for buying raffle tickets and supporting Hyperstorm!

WEG season 2018 raffle




We would love to welcome you all on our first edition of season 2 on the 31st of january!
And once again, from everyone at Hyperstorm, everyone who has supported us in any way in the last year: A big Thank You!



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