Report: Worlds' End Gathering - Season 2 - Finale


VanceRentis and pandasniper both had their eyes on the first spot for this season. They only had a difference of 2 points between each other.

It was a close call but pandasniper took the victory at the end of the day, he is our season 2 champion! He went home with the trophy and the 'Art of Hearthstone' collectors book.

VanceRentis took the second spot after all and MJTeller closes our top 3. Congratulations to our winners!

With the finale we had a small but fun competition with all the participants. The person who could guess our season champion with the right amount of leaderboard points, won a gaming mouse. Interstella was spot on and he took this fancy piece of hardware home.


Check out the final standings at our updated leaderboard!

We want to thank everyone for showing up and we hope to see you again on our next event, stay tuned!