Report: Worlds' End Gathering 2019 - Round 2


The rotation in Hearthstone is just around the corner, so it was the ideal time to find out who's the real master of their class. Enter the Specialist format!

During the absence of ArneBe, the previous winner, VanceRentis and Pandasniper were able to gain an advantage on the leaderboards. The last match decided who came out victorious. Although both had the same amount of points, VanceRentis had a higher winning percentage, so he was able to take the fancy schmancy gaming headset home.

Check out the updated leaderboards. Also noteworthy: the newcomer spiritusForEvert managed to take a solid third place. Congratulations to our top 3 of this month!

We hope to see you all again at the same time and the same place next month.
Oh and don't forget to take a friend with you, because tag team battles are coming!