Report: Worlds' End Gathering - Season 2 - Round 1

WEG 2019 round 1 winners

Wow! What a kickoff to a new year of Hearthstone, not only has our king pandasniper fallen from glory in a series of epic matches, we also had the winner spot up for grabs till the very last match!
Both VanceRentis and ArneBe had to face each other in a direct match with ArneBe managing to eventually take it 2-1.
This tied them both up exactly and left a little bit of confusion but in the end it was decided to let ArneBe come out on top as the winner of this round and take the first prize home.

This also means we have a new leaderboard for this year, check it out here!

Next up is our event on April 2 which we’ll play a little different than what we’re used to.
This edition will feature the new specialist format to decide once and for all if DKZomb0 really is the greatest hunter of them all!

In case you forgot, these are the rules of the new format:

  • Players bring three 30 card decks to bring to the tournament.
  • All decks must be from the same class.
  • The decks are designated as Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.
  • The Primary is your main deck that you are bringing to the tournament.
  • The Secondary and Tertiary decks must have 25 cards found in the Primary deck, with the remaining 5 being your choice.
  • For the first game, both players must use their Primary deck.
  • In following games you are free to choose your Secondary or Tertiary decks, or continue using the Primary.
  • Your opponent will not know which you choose.

See you all on April 2!

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